Selly Park Secondary School is a school of excellence – a school that aims to motivate our learners to have high expectations for themselves. We encourage our learners to make the most of the many educational opportunities available to them and we hope that the happiness and success they experience during their years at our school will enable them to face the future with confidence.

Selly Park Secondary School is an Independent Roman Catholic School that provides education for girls and boys from grades 8 to 12. Although we are a Roman Catholic School, we accept learners from all denominations who are comfortable with the Roman Catholic ethos. Our aim is to engage students, develop their imagination and inspire them to do great things.

Selly Park is registered with the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) and we enter our grade 9 and 12 learners for the IEB external examinations.  The school has maintained a 100% matriculation pass rate since our first group of matrics in 2002, with a high percentage of university exemptions and distinctions. We are confident that the academic training our learners receive prepares them to become successful adults.

Current Status

Selly Park is registered with the Department of Education and is an accreditation candidate with UMALUSI (the body appointed by the government to maintain quality assurance in education).


Academic staff 2024

Selly Park Secondary School has a team highly experienced and qualified academic staff.


The curriculum will cover the eight learning areas of Curriculum 2005 (senior phase), as specified by the National Department of Education. The medium of instruction is English and the learners can select either Afrikaans or Setswana as their first additional language…


Cultural and artistic activities take place between 14h15 and 15h15 each day. The school is involved in Community Service via the Selly Park Interact Club and President’s Award.


Sport activities take place each day between 15h15 and 16h15. Tours and tournaments play an important role in our extra-curricular programme, with various internal and external sporting events taking place throughout the year.

Our History

In 1966 the Sisters of Charity of St. Paul established Selly Park Convent School on its present site, naming it after their mother house at Selly Park, Birmingham, England. The school included a high school, which closed in 1982. In recent years many parents requested the provision of secondary education. As a result Selly Park Secondary School opened in January 1999, with grades 8 and 9, reaching grade 12 in 2002. The School is owned by the Sisters of St. Paul. Selly Park Secondary School is an Independent Roman Catholic Secondary School providing education for girls and boys from Grade Eight to Grade Twelve. The aim of our school is to offer children the experience of being in a caring, Christian community where each can develop their abilities and talents to the full. The education provided is based on the message of the Gospel. Jesus Himself is the supreme teacher. The Trustees of the School are the Sisters of St. Paul. The trustees appoint the Board of Governors, the Governing Body, which is responsible for the good running of the School and wise use of resources.

Welcome to Selly Park Secondary School. Selly Park provides all around education and is committed to preparing our learners to take their place in society as responsible, honest and compassionate citizens. More…
Heidi Lowe


Recently I met a young girl visiting South Africa. She was in her final year in a Catholic school in Ireland.  I asked her why she went to that particular school in the south of the country, far from her home in the north. The reason: both her mother and grandmother are proud past-pupils of that same school. More…
Father Vincent

Chairman of the Board