Welcome to Selly Park Secondary School. Selly Park provides all around education and is committed to preparing our learners to take their place in society as responsible, honest and compassionate citizens.

Being a school of excellence, Selly Park continually seeks to maintain and improve its quality to promote student learning. Quality is not something that simply happens because people are well intentioned; it has to be worked hard for and managed carefully. Here at Selly Park high standards, for the school and every teacher and learner, are promoted.

I quote from the Bishop’s Pastoral Statement on Education (2009), “Our children are our treasure, our future and our responsibility. We are all one family and nothing can be more important to us than that they should have the love, security and freedom to become the caring and responsible adults that our country and continent so desperately need. God has entrusted them to us and we all have a role to play in their ongoing formation and progress…”

Although Selly Park is a relatively new school, it has established itself as a school of excellence with its outstanding academic, cultural and sporting achievements. The school has maintained a 100% matriculation pass rate since our first group of matrics in 2002, with a high percentage of university exemptions and distrinctions. We are confident that the academic training our learners receive prepares them to become successful adults.

Academic excellence at Selly Park is ensured by our highly qualified staff, the remedial programs run at the school and, of course, our outstanding resources.

On the cultural and sporting fronts, the school has also had amazing achievements, once again the result of highly qualified coaches and teachers. Many of our learners have represented both the North West and South Africa in the different sporting codes.

There are various leadership development programmes run at the school. Learners in grade 9, 10 and 11 are selected to join the PFT, a programme that focuses on leadership development. We also run the President’s Award scheme.
The school is also actively involved in communty projects through the Interact club.
The school resources are outstanding. These resources include Interactive whiteboards throughout the school, a remedial Maths centre and computer nooks in all the classroom blocks. Our Information Technology, Computer Application Technology, Food Technology, Technology, Science and Biology labs and our Media Centre are fitted with the latest technology.

In conclusion, I quote from the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference Pastoral Directive, addressed to those involved in Catholic schools:
“Catholic education is not just about the education of Catholics. Even in the early days, many of our schools welcomed children who were not Catholic. Today we see this openness as an expression of the Church’s desire to be a “community serving humanity”. Our starting point is simply our conviction about how vital every child’s education is, and our confidence that a value-based education is life-giving for any child.”

Heidi Lowe