School Policy


To give effect to our values and objectives all staff, learners and parents make a commitment to abide by and support the policies as adopted and as amended by the Board of Governors.

Management and staff of the school are committed to:

  •     Instilling into each individual learner a sound spiritual and moral attitude, based on the values of love, justice,
    compassion, respect, care, acceptance and tolerance.
  •     Developing a curriculum of excellence.
  •     Setting the highest standards of work and behaviour for all learners.
  •     Protecting the dignity of all who are a part of our school community.
  •     Creating a loving and caring environment for the learners.
  •     Fostering strong communication with parents as the basis for close co-operation.
  •     Conducting ourselves in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct of the South African Council for
  •     Listening to parents and learners and understanding any concerns raised.
  •     Providing the appropriate time and place for full and confidential discussion in order to solve any issues and
  •     problems.

Parents / Guardians are committed to:

  •     Helping and encouraging children to develop strong spiritual and moral values.
  •     Taking an active and supportive interest in the aims of the school.
  •     Taking an active interest in children’s work and progress and in this regard attending parents’ meetings.
  •     Supporting the values, authority and discipline of the school.
  •     Ensuring children abide by the school rules.
  •     Reading and committing themselves to the relevant policy documents that pertain to them at this school.

Learners are committed to:

  •     Behaving and acting in a manner which reflects the values of the School.
  •     Respecting and being courteous and co-operative with educators, other school staff, other learners and visitors,
    at all times.
  •     Attending school regularly, and on time.
  •     Aiming to achieve their highest standard in all areas of school life.
  •     Completing all homework and assignments with pride and to their highest level of competence.
  •     Wearing the correct school uniform and appearing smart at all times.
  •     Respecting the feelings and property of other people, both in school and in the community.
  •     Caring for the buildings, furniture, equipment and grounds of the school.
  •     Supporting and abiding by the school rules that apply.